Bosom Couture Boob Glue®

3 oz. roll-on bottle $29.95


Praised as a boob job in a bottle, this "A" list adored essential will have you breast obsessed in no time. no more constant adjusting. large, small or somewhere in-between... breasts will stay perfectly positioned an exactly where you want them


Alcohol Denat, PV/VA Copolymer, Water, Butylene Glycol,
Tocopheryl Acetate, Aloe Barbensis Leaf juice, Fragrance (Parfum).

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Quick Description

Bosom Couture Boob Glue® “Stay Up …Stay In”

A gentle roll-on skin adhesive that keeps breasts lifted up and positioned perfectly in place in clothing.

A Cleavage Make-Over in a Bottle. Reinvents the way your cleavage looks in fashions. “Uplifting women in more ways than one.”

  • Proudly Manufactured in the USA.
  • Patented
  • Dermatologically Reviewed, Allery Tested, Non-Irritating
  • Goes on clear, dries fast, won’t stain fabric, rinses off easily with soap and water
  • Latex, silicon and Paraben free
  • Both water soluble and Perspiration resistant (not waterproof)


Women do not wear a variety of different fashion because they are self-conscious of their breasts not looking as perky/lifted as they should (saggy) as well as not staying in place (causing wardrobe malfunctions).

Solution/Problem Solved

Bosom Couture Boob Glue® (always refer to product with brand and not just, Boob Glue®) Keeps the “girls” exactly where you want them in fashion and gives women a whole new wardrobe of options.

*Works amazing on tucking away underarm side bulge.

*Also keeps straps up, off the shoulder tops in place, keeps strapless bras from slipping, etc. (These are additional uses! But not the main objective)

Breasts Stay UP and IN/The Ultimate Cleavage Make-Over In:

  • Plunging Necklines
  • Strapless attire
  • Sundresses
  • Halter tops/dresses
  • Backless Attire
  • Brides and Bridesmaids gowns
  • Prom Dresses
  • Evening Wear
  • Bikinis for poolside
  • Strapless Bras/Push Up Bras/ Corsets for a better “boost” and “Lift”
  • Working Out/Gym
  • Dance
  • Cheer
  • Special Occasion and Every Day Lift
  • Breast Cancer Survivors

Selling Phrases

The Ultimate Cleavage Make-Over , Keeps Breasts Lifted “Up and IN”, Instant Gratification in a Bottle, First Ever Breast Cosmetic, Boob Job in a Bottle, , No More Wardrobe Malfunctions, Instant Plastic Surgery Alternative, Much Better Than Duct Tape, Best Cleavage Trick Ever, Keeping the “Girls” in Check



Product Comparison

Not Fashion Tape

Double sided tapes are for keeping fashion in place, not for keeping breasts lifted up and in place.
i.e.; Fashion Tape is for:

  • Keeps bra straps from slipping
  • Prevent blouse gaps between buttons
  • Secures necklines from gapping open
  • Hold belts, scarves, and straps in place

Not Breast Lift Tape

Breast lift tapes like “Bring It Up” etc. rely solely on the tape sticking to the skin while it attempts to support/hold the weight of the breast:

  • The weight of the breast causes the tape to peel loose and lose its grip on the skin (as the Tape is not anchored to the garment as BG is)
  • The Tape is easily detected under clothing upon movement (as it is not attached to the garment)
  • The Tape is uncomfortable
  • The tape causes perspiration to occur and in turn, falls off
  • The position of the breasts in the Tape look misshapen or smashed

Bosom Couture Boob Glue®

  • Gravity Defying Results: The breasts are lifted up and positioned perfectly in place, adhered to and held up by the garment. Your breasts are not going anywhere!
  • BG is invisible! With the breasts lifted up and positioned perfectly into garment, you become one with your clothing. No falling out, no nip-slips, no cleavage adjusting/re-positioning, no drooping, etc.
  • You will not feel like you are wearing anything except for amazing cleavage and lift! BG’s flexible formula allows for undetectable comfort against the skin
  • BG is perspiration resistant
  • BG allows you to position your breast EXACTLY where you want them to stay put

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