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  • Holiday Styles
  • Plunging necklines
  • Strapless attire
  • Sundresses
  • Halter tops/dresses
  • Backless attire
  • Braless styles
  • Brides and bridesmaid’s gowns
  • Prom dresses
  • Evening wear
  • Bikinis for poolside
  • Strapless bras/push up bras/ corsets for a better “boost” and “Lift”
  • Working out/gym
  • Dance
  • Cheer
  • Special occasion and every day lift
  • Breast Cancer Survivors

Also the perfect solution for:

  • Keeping off the shoulder styles and straps in place
  • Keeping underarm or “Side Boob” bulge tucked away

Absolutely! It’s all about the positioning. Boob Glue® can be used to lift and/or hold the position of even the tiniest of breasts in order to maximize cleavage

Example: for an extreme cleavage look, simply take all you have and position it front and center in your outfit for maximum cleavage overdose. Also works wonders for keeping breasts positioned in a push-up bra or bikini

We understand how challenging certain wardrobe styles can be for our well-endowed Bosom Beauties. Boob Glue® offers unparalleled lift/hold/support for voluptuous breasts sizes DD,DDD/E, and beyond Boob Glue® is life saver for keeping breasts of all fabulous sizes, up and in! Have the freedom to finally dare to wear what you want Bosom Couture Boob Glue® helps expand your wardrobe by allowing you to wear styles that may be more challenging for larger busted beauties to pull off

Example: love that dress but can’t wear a bra with it? Roll-on Bosom Couture Boob Glue® to breast area that will be placed in garment, lift and place breasts into desired position in your outfit…Viola! Now go dance the night away. A boob job in a bottle?...almost *Proper lift and hold will depend on individual use and based on correct application

We find our Bosom Beauty’s lift and hold lasts on an average of 8+ hours *Lift and hold will depend on individual use based on correct application

Uses per bottle are approximately 30 uses per bottle

* Number of applications per bottle will vary depending on use and size of breasts

You bet! No better place to flaunt a perfectly perky bust line than in your swimsuit. BG is a cleavage must-have for poolside, sunbathing, beach parties, boating, Summer vacations, etc. It’s perspiration resistant and can be re-applied after swimming, just like you would w/ sunscreen

Boob Glue® is permeable and helps to avoid excessive perspiration and allows moderate perspiration to re-bond the adhesive Bosom Couture Boob Glue® works much better than any kind of tape used on breasts as tape does not bode well when perspiring. Tape actually causes a humid environment being it's an additional layer on the skin

*Just like many beauty products/sunscreens etc., excessive prolonged perspiration or sweating can eventually decrease effectiveness in which one would need to re-apply

No! It is a gentle, skin friendly, water soluble formula. Remove garment is gently from skin and laundered as usual. Formula rinses off skin easily with soap and water or a warm cloth

Garment is laundered as usual. Formula rinses off skin easily with soap and water or a warm cloth *Always test a small area of fabric just to be safe. **Not recommended for some silks

We recommend wiping any residue left on garment with warm sudsy cloth prior to dry cleaning. *Always check fabric care instructions on garment

Bosom Couture Boob Glue® has been dermatologically reviewed and allergy tested. We use only ingredients that are proven safe for cosmetic use. Boob Glue® is suitable for most skin, however anyone can be sensitive to even the best ingredients. If you have sensitive skin, it could be sensitive to an adhesive. We recommend testing a small area of skin prior to use, just to be safe. Always read label/insert information and precautions

* DO NOT USE this product on sensitive skin, open cuts, skin disorders, sun-burned skin or if you have skin depigmentation, such as white patches or a family history of skin depigmentation. Discontinue use if you have irritation

NO! We test only on Ta Ta’s, not animals

Bosom Couture Boob Glue® can be used to keep breasts UP and IN when wearing almost any style. Also great for keeping straps up and off the shoulder styles from slipping

Depending on how sheer the fabric is. We suggest applying Boob Glue® as usual to the skin and then allowing it to dry a bit before positioning garment. We suggest testing prior with a small area of fabric

*Not recommended for some silk fabrics

With caring for the skin being our first priority, we avoid using strong perfumes/fragrance in our formula as they can be harsh and drying to the skin (BG has a sterile scent to it)

No. Due to the hygienic nature of the product, it cannot be returned once it has been opened


Limits of Liability:
Bosom Couture, Inc. shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of our products. Liability of Bosom Couture, Inc. is exclusively for the replacement cost of our products.