Bosom Couture Wedding Dress Boob Glue

After several bridal stores and trying on a multitude of gowns, you have finally found the perfect wedding dress. Now what? Here come the challenges; how will you keep your breasts in position all night long with dancing and perspiring? You could wear a strapless bra, but then you are tugging at it all night to stay up and keep it in place.

You could use tape to keep your breasts lifted up, but that’s a nuisance and with all that perspiring tape peels right off.

If your wedding dress has a plunging neck line or is backless, there’s absolutely no way that you can wear a bra with a dress like that, without it showing.

Well, have we got the product for you; Bosom Couture Boob Glue. This Hollywood fashion stylist trick is a secret weapon when it comes to keeping your breasts lift it up and in perfect position.

It’s patented, hypo-allergenic and it goes on clear, dries fast and won’t stain the garment.

The easy to use roll-on bottle makes it simple to apply the product.

Bosom Couture Boob Glue is perspiration resistant, however it comes off easily with just water alone.

To Apply: Roll-on Boob Glue onto the breast in the area that you want to position inside the garment. Lift breast into position in your outfit, hold for one minute and you’re perfectly in place, sitting pretty and confident that you will avoid any type of wardrobe malfunction on your special day.

Boob Glue allows you to find the perfect wedding dress without any restrictions when it comes to what kind of neckline you choose;

Plunging, off the shoulder, strapless, backless, you name it…this little miracle wardrobe trick is truly a product that no woman should be without.

With so many beautiful neckline options to choose from, it only makes sense that Bosom Couture created a solution that solves the challenge of keeping the breasts lifted up and perfectly in place.

From professional ballerinas to celebrities on the red carpet to everyday women, Bosom Couture Boob Glue helps women to enjoy a larger variety of styles.

Boob Glue can be used with or without a bra. If you want to wear a strapless bra but hate the idea of having to tug and pull on it all night long in order to keep it in place, then Boob Glue can help you solve this problem as well.

Simply roll-on, position the breast in your strapless bra and hold for one minute. Your breasts are not going anywhere in the bra will stay positioned exactly where you want it, no slipping, no tugging and no pulling to keep your strapless bra in place.

Every little girl dreams of becoming a beautiful bride one day and the perfect wedding dress is one of the biggest parts of that dream.

Every woman should have her dreams come true when it comes to the perfect wedding dress and Bosom Couture Boob Glue won’t let you down, literally.


  • Boob Glue® is free of any silicones, latex and parabens
  • All ingredients tested and proven safe for use
  • Will not stain fabric. We always suggest to test first, just to be safe.